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Shallow Geologic Storage of Carbon by Solid Injection to Raise Ground Elevation

General Concepts

Proof of Concept

(a) Present conditions where carbon is removed from the atmosphere by photosynthesis and returned by biomass decay and burning biofuels; flood damage is increasing due to sea-level rise and subsidence (SLR + S), storm intensity, etc. 

(b) Wood particles injected to store carbon and raise ground elevations. Carbon returned to the atmosphere is reduced, resulting in net atmospheric removal. Flood risk is reduced by raising ground elevations

Injection methods similar to what FRx uses to support soil and groundwater remediation projects can store carbon in sufficently anerobic formations where the degredation rate of wood is much slower than at the surface or in most landfills.  Life Cycle Assessment of an example design indicates the total global warming potential amounts to about 3% of the CO2-equivalents stored.

FRx crews used our environmental injection equipment to create more than 200 lenses of sawdust containing  20,000+ kg of CO2 -equivalents through a 3x3 array of wells and measured contiguous uplift as great as 5.5 cm. Subsequent coring support concepts incorporated into models for extrapolation to the mega-ton and giga-ton scale needed for climate-change mitigation. 

For more information about this application of hydraulic fracturing. please follow this link to the publications of the American Chemical Society: