In Situ Access to Contaminants

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Site Information Needed to Develop Injection Work Plans
Selection of proper injection methodologies is important in maximizing the efficiency of remedial systems. The techniques that we utilize are varied, and the correct approach is very site specific. Therefore, in order to help us thoroughly and accurately characterize a service package, we ask that you provide as much information as possible and convenient - our conversation can start with the starkest description of the problem, and information needs can be identified as plans develop.  Nonetheless, important information includes, but is not limited to:

Depth to treatment zone
Depth to groundwater
Depth to bedrock

Media identification and classification
Stratigraphy (position, thickness, orientation)
Sedimentology (grain size, texture, stiffness)
Hydrology (permeability, porosity, heterogeneity, gradients)

-Contaminant Information
Contaminants present
Phases present (NAPL, dissolved)
Concentration distributions

-Remedial Approach
Summary of past actions
Description of current operations
Description of planned operations

-Surface and Surroundings
Current property use
Buildings, parking lots, other structures
Proximity to traffic
Space availability restrictions
Site security

Water supply source
Power supply source

-Special safety considerations/ requirements

-Site location
We appreciate that confidentiality must be respected, but an inkling about the geography may be pertinent within issues of logistics and resource availability.