In Situ Access to Contaminants

who we are

With over 30 years experience performing and managing environmental services,  Doug Knight has overall responsibility for day-to-day operation of the company.  With his long experience at FRx and close affiliation with the founders, he is well versed in underlying technical theories as well as mechanical and logistical aspects of performing fieldwork.  He also has a unique knack of being able to quickly identify an optimal injection program for a new site.  Although Doug has trained a dedicated staff of technicians to perform field work in accordance with the most prudent theory and methods, he often attends and supervises field work.  
Douglas E. Knight, Vice President of Operations

Doug Knight
Drew Baird
In 2015 Drew Baird joined FRx. He brought nearly fifteen years of experience in the business of subsurface remediation with especially deep knowledge concerning treatment materials and bioremediation. He provides valuable skills as our point-of-contact with many. 

Drew Baird, P.G.,  Senior Geologist
(864) 546-9449

Chapman Ross has over 20 years of domestic and international industry experience along with a proven track record of technical leadership and new technology development. Many recognize him as an industry-leading expert with in situ remediation, specializing in remediation methods and amendment delivery techniques for low-permeability formations.  Chapman continues to lead further development of the patented DPT Jet Injection method. 
Chapman Ross, P.E., Director of Technology
(617) 821 0686

Chapman Ross
The Founders
Larry Murdoch and Bill Slack founded FRx in 1994 to provide services related to the technologies they developed as leaders of University of Cincinnati research projects funded by the US EPA. Click here for more about that work. 

Larry Murdoch
Larry Murdoch
Larry has continued in academia and now sits as Professor of Geology at Clemson University in addition to serving as the Corporate President of FRx.   His research interests remain focused on contaminant hydrology and geotechnical applications.  This link connects to his Clemson website:

Lawrence C. Murdoch, Ph.D., P.G., President
(864) 356-8349

Bill Slack
Bill Slack

Bill directed field operation and day-to-day activities for many years.  Presently, he supports engineering and development of new processes in addition to serving as Corporate Treasurer. 

William W. Slack, Ph.D., P.E., Vice President and Treasurer
(513) 545-7394
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