Our Services

FRx provides specialty injection and delivery services in support of soil, bedrock, and groundwater remediation. In situ remediation technologies such as soil vapor extraction, bioremediation, pump and treat, and induction of oxidative or reductive conditions offer cost effective alternatives to conventional excavation and disposal methods. However, these applications are dependent upon fluid (gas or liquid) movement through the formation, and therefore may prove to be cost prohibitive or ineffective at contaminated sites without injection and delivery enhancements.

FRx personnel are experts in the field of applying hydraulic fracturing technology for environmental remediation purposes. Hydraulic fracturing technologies provide the potential  to significantly enhance flow conditions in the subsurface, thereby improving the effectiveness of many remedial applications. Furthermore, hydraulic fractures can be created with granular, reactive materials. These materials can be composed of chemicals, nutrients, and/or biological entities that enhance passive treatment systems.