Lawrence C. Murdoch

PHONE: 864-356-8349

Work Experience

 3/94-Present: FRx, Inc.

Principle and founder of the company, which commercially provides new and recently developed technology for contaminated subsurface remediation. Additionally serves as Chief Technology Officer and Director of Research.

2/97-Present: Clemson University
Professor, Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences
Associate Professor, Department of Geosciences
Assistant Professor, Department of Geosciences

Dr. Murdoch’s teaching and research interests are in hydrogeology. He teaches an introductory course in applied hydrogeology, and advanced courses in the hydrogeology of U.S. aquifers and fractured rock hydrology. He also teaches a course in methods for analyzing geological processes, and he organizes the hydro field camp. Dr. Murdoch’s recent research activities have included projects in environmental remediation, aquifer characterization, interaction between ground water and surface water, and effects of changing land use. He developed techniques for creating and applying hydraulic c fractures for environmental applications, and more recently he has been developing hydromechanical techniques for characterizing rock aquifers. Many of his projects involve innovative field or laboratory techniques with modeling coupled processes of flow, transport, and deformation.

8/86 – 12/96: University of Cincinnati
Director of Research, Center for Geoenvironmental Science and Technology
Associate Research Professor. Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Geohydrology Group Leader, Center for GeoEnvironmental Science and Technology
Research Associate

Conceived the idea of using hydraulic fracturing as a soil remediation tool. Designed and executed experiments to prove the concept, identified potential applications, built equipment to perform the methods, and demonstrated technology at multiple contaminated sites. Directed the efforts of up to 40 people in support of US EPA contracts to the University to operate the Center Hill Laboratory. Published several articles and papers documenting the results.


Ph.D., Geology, University of Cincinnati
M.S., Environmental Science, University of Cincinnati
M.S., Geology, University of Cincinnati
B.S., Geology, Penn State University

Professional Qualifications

Professional Geologist, Indiana, No. 1421


Hazardous Waste Site Worker (40 hr HAZWPR)
US DOE Radiological Worker I & II


National Groundwater Association
Affiliate Member, Society of Petroleum Engineers
Member, National Water Well Association
Member, American Geophysical Union
Member, Association of Engineering Geologists
Affiliate Member, Society of Civil Engineers
Member, Professional Geologists of Indiana


Board of Trustees Award for Faculty Excellence, 2008
Visiting Scientist, Geological Survey of Denmark, Copenhagen, Spring 2005
Board of Trustees Award for Faculty Excellence, 2003
Board of Trustees Award for Faculty Excellence, 2001
NSF CAREER Award, 1999
Board of Trustees Award for Faculty Excellence, 1999

Courses Taught

Geol 850, Site Assessment and Remediation
Geol 408/608, Applied Hydrogeology
Geol 415/615, Method of Analyzing Geological Processes
Geol 816, Aquifer Systems
Geol 475/675, Hydrogeology Field Camp
Geol 818, Hydrology and Mechanics of Fractured Media

Selected Publications/Presentations

Murdoch, L.C. and others. Remediation of organic chemicals in the vadose zone, in Vadose Zone, Science and Technology Solutions. Chapter 7. pp 948-1247. R.Falta and B. Looney eds. Battelle Press, 2000.

Murdoch, L.C., D. Wilson, K. Savage, W. Slack, and J. Uber. Alternative Methods for Fluid Delivery and Recovery. USEPA/625/R-94/003, 1995.

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Murdoch, L.C. Hydraulic fracturing of soil during laboratory experiments: theoretical analysis, Geotechnique, 43(2), 277-287, 1993.