FRx Principals and Founders

FRx Principals and Founders

Lawrence C. Murdoch, Ph.D, P.G.
President and Chief Technology Officer

400 Artillery Rd.
Taylors, South Carolina 29687

Larry also enjoys an appointment as Professor of Geology at Clemson University. Please visit his website here.

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William W. Slack, Ph.D, P.E.
Vice President and Chief Executive Officer

11258 Cornell Park Dr.
Suite 610
Blue Ash, OH 45242

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FRx Technical Staff

Douglas E. Knight
Operations Manager

400 Artillery Rd.
Taylors, South Carolina 29687

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Recent Employees of the Year 

Andrew Long

Andrew “Hootie” Head

Dean Varner

Former Employees of the Year

1996: Phil Hart
1997: Bill Sharp
1998: Todd Lackey
1999: Jim Richardson
2000: Monty Busbee

2001: Susan Kelly
2002: Todd Lackey
2003: Doug Knight
2004: Doug Knight
2005: Doug Knight

2006: Jason Wyant
2007: Jason Clements
2008: Andrew “Hootie” Head
2009: Jason Avritt