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Interested in FRx Services?: If you have general questions about hydraulic fracturing or other FRx services, or are interested in possible utilization of hydraulic fracturing technology to enhance remediation efforts at your site, then please contact us using the methods listed above or by filling out the form below. Technology consultation and price estimates are always free!



Note: Selection of proper hydraulic fracture installation methodologies is important in maximizing the efficiency of remedial systems. The methodologies that we utilize are varied, and the correct approach is very site specific. Therefore, in order to help us thoroughly and accurately characterize a service package, we ask that you provide as much information as possible. Important information includes, but is not limited to:

Site Location (city, state)

Contaminant Information

  • Contaminants present
  • Sources
  • Phases present (NAPL, dissolved)
  • Concentration distributions

Remedial Approach

  • Description of current operations
  • Description of planned operations


  • Stratigraphy (position, thickness, orientation)
  • Sedimentology (grain size, texture, stiffness)
  • Hydrologic (permeability, porosity, heterogeneity)


  • Depth to treatment zone
  • Depth to ground water
  • Depth to bedrock

Surface and Surroundings

  • Buildings, parking lots, other structures
  • Proximity to traffic
  • Space availability restrictions


  • Water supply source
  • Power supply source

Special safety considerations/requirements